• Pinnacle Institute Of Fashion Technology

    Regd Under MSME & NSDC, Govt Of India / 21+ yrs of Design Experience, ISO Certified Campus


Basic Diploma in Apparel Merchandising

Apparel Merchandising programme aims at developing the skills of the student in production,merchandising, quality and overall management knowledge required in the garment industry.The diploma is being offerd with the most advanced level of teaching required by the industry of today's world both in domestic & export market.

Course Code: DAM /1 year
The programme starts with Basic skills in garment production machinery & equipments, fabric development, spreading & cutting, textile science, pattern making, construction, industrial organization, professional interaction. The second level is introduced with Apparel standards and specification, quality personal management and industrial relations, computers (CAD/CAM) lectures, dyeing & printing practical, business communication, work study, pattern making & garment construction, costing & sizing, ISO standards,quality parameters. Industry internship with production & quality based projects.

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